Foxwoods Judi Online Classics – the $10,000 Championship Now A Part of WPT

The New England Judi Online Classic has been renamed the Foxwoods Poker Classic, this year. It will have a presence in the World Poker Tour. The Travel Channel will air the finals of this event. The prize sum of this Championship is $10,000. There were 8 preliminary events in last years New England Poker Classic. Now that the Foxwoods Poker Classic will be introduced in the WPT Schedule, the field for the championship becomes larger than ever before. The Foxwoods championship is the final event before the WPT Championship at Bellagio, in April. Not an event to be missed. Stay tuned in and for all the results of the preliminary rounds – check out the pokerpages. reports:

This year’s schedule also features 8 preliminary events, but the Omaha and 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo events are gone in favor of a Ladies Only NLHE event and a $3,000 NLHE event.  And of course the final event is a $10,000 buy-in event.

Texas Hold’Em Poker DS For the Handheld Nintendo

Majesco’s duo fo casino games for the Nintendo handheld includes Golden Nugget Casino DS and now Texas Hold’Em Poker DS. The new Texas Hold’Em too has a minimalistic game design, catering to the lower end market. reports:

Apart from offering a solid bout of poker on a variety of different rule-sets, this Nintendo DS card isn’t all that feature filled. All you’re really going to get is the ability to play a streamlined set of poker games without much else to keep your interest.

Extreme Poker Tournament That Held an Underwater Tournamemt Last Year, Now Makes Ice – the Playfield

Juha Helppi was the one  to win the first Underwater Poker tournament, held last year. He will now be defending his title – The Extreme Poker Title, on a field of ice, this year. Last year the tournament was held at the bottom of the ocean off St. Kitts coast. As the winner, he got a chance to choose the next venue. He zeroed down on his home in Finland. On the 29th of March, Helppi will play against three qualifiers. They will play in the Arctic Kemi Snow Castle – The world’s largest snow castle, that is in Finland. Looks like this year the players will be battling sub-zero temperatures and new rules of play to go with them! reports:

Players leave the competition when they run out of chips or nonessential clothing or are forced to leave after succumbing to the cold. Medical personnel will be present at all times to monitor the health of all participants. The online qualifier will take place Sunday, March 12, to decide who will be flown to Finland to sit in the freezing temperatures and battle a native son.

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