Mistakes indo slot 88


Man, I made a huge mistake signing up for the 45 SNG challenge!

It’s not so much that I suck at them (I must), but there is simply no pushing anyone off their hand. First hand of indo slot 88 tourney, what turned out to be an uber-maniac raises 8X from UTG, gets called, then pushes on an AKT rainbow flop. He has A9. Caller has A8.

Yeah, so it’s impossible to put people on hands. Just wait for a good hand and push and hope it olds up. It was nice when my short-stack tripled up with AA. Not so nice when I pushed from the button with 77 and the SB woke up with QQ.


Add to this that I have to win for my hourly rate to approach my hourly rate for SNGs and I’m left to wonder what I was smoking when I signed up.

Oh yeah, I need the MTT practice. Maybe I should stay away from the turboes and actually get some practice that will serve me well in the bigger MTTs


After busting out, I toodled over to a 210+15 turbo where I didn’t recognize anyone. I’m learning, that’s a good thing.

I won a $105+9 earlier this evening that gave me enough to take this shot. I felt good about my play, no distractions, etc. I have a lot of confidence at the higher levels right now, and even though I cashed out such a huge portion of my bankroll I felt good about stepping back in.

Wound up third. Ok, glad I cashed. I think I got pushed off the best hand early, but I just wasn’t strong enough to play back. So, that left me short stacked, an all too familiar place for me. I chipped up, made the bubble as the short stack, but had enough in relations to the blinds to wait and enough in relation to the other 3 that I could scare them.

Didn’t have to. A LAG-player two to me left pushes UTG and gets called by the button. LAG-y has 66, button has 99, and I cash.

I understand the play, and probably would have tried it. But, looking back, I think with me on the short stack, it might be better to make a big raise PF – 4-5X. If you get called or someone comes over the top, you can let it go; after all, you’re either dominated or in a coin-flip, and neither is a place you want to be with a short-stack in the game on the bubble.

But, I understand the play. Hopefully, I learn from his misfortune and play it better than he did and I would have.


Mrs. Big has me scratching my ever-loving-head these days.

She asked me to stop at Sam’s and pick up a Click-n-Pull order today. I get there, and there’s a float stacked high with emergency food: 128 bottles of water, a case of Gatorade, gobs of canned soups, veggies, and Chef Boyardee, 50 lbs of dog food,30 rolls of TP,  filter masks, god knows how many maxi-pads… oh, and there was a second order she placed an hour later with hand sanitizer and 6 more gallons of Zephyrhills water because apparently 128 bottles wasn’t enough.

We’re moving in 3 weeks. We’re spending our days weeding out crap, and here she is bringing it back in. I can’t even bring myself to tell you how much this crap cost.

Bird Flu.

Yep, she’s afraid that society is going to break down if there’s bird flu.

Ok, I can understand the canned goods – you don’t want to go to a store if society breaks down. And hey, stranger things have happened that society breaking down in the NEXT 3 WEEKS. But, I’m pretty sure the water will still run. As a matter of fact, I’m sure of it because the house we’re going to in Jax has a WELL!!! And Bird Flu won’t make the power go off!!!


It’s as though she woke up this morning and said, “Hey, how can I make my hubby’s life even more inconvenient?”

Where’s a douchebag poet when you need one? (I keed, I keed!)

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