Republican Representative of North Dakota Wants to Legalize Online bling2

Republican Jim Kasper is a Fargo, North Dakota representative. He would like to regulate internet bling2  in his state. He even traveled outside the country to ensure that this could happen. He sponsored a bill and constitutional measure in the 2005 Legislature to begin with. This step would have legalized internet poker in ND. But it had failed in the Senate. He had hoped that by offering regulation to online poker rooms, operators would zero in on ND as their base. This would bring in jobs and millions by way of tax revenue.

“I am not putting away the ides of getting into Internet gaming licenses in North Dakota,” said Kasper recently. “The revenue we missed is too great to pass up.

Tune in to a New Radio Show on Sirius Satellite Radio – The Average Joe Poker Show’

Poker enthusiasts and novices can now tune in to Sirius Satellite Radio. Every Monday at 9 p.m EST, Channel 122 airs a program on poker. This program gives a little poker advice, news on poker, interviews of pros and other related snippets of information. This program is called the “Joe Average Poker Show” and was launched in June this year. It has anything and everything related to the world of poker. Roy Cook was on the show last week. Lou Kreiger appeared on the show that aired in September. North Dakota House of Representative James Kasper made also made an appearance on the show and spoke about why he introduced the internet poker bill in his state.

Both Knox and Farley participate in major tournament events, and they share their experiences with the audience. They also record a hand they played at the tournament for their “What would you do?” segment.

Petition Circulated by Northern Marianas College Students, For Stricter Regulations on Poker Rooms

Students of Northern Marianas College have put in a petition to  support a House bill. The bill is related to an imposition of stricter regulations on the poker industry. The students wrote to the legal counsel of the Senate – Antonio Cabrera, on Tuesday, with regard to this bill. It has been pending for several months now. It was introduced by Rep. Clyde Norita, H.B. 14-267, seeking the imposition of higher poker fees. This will lead to the prohibition of poker establishments in villages. Along with this it was felt that by doing this, poker rooms will not be set up very close to schools and churches. This bill was based on a failed local initiative petition that had been circulated by the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, in July 2005.

The petitioners said they support the intent of the bill, particularly with regard to curbing poker-related crimes. They also cited information from the Department of Public Safety showing that there were over 750 crimes committed between 2001 and the present related to the poker industry.

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