먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2010 Event 3 Results

The PokerStars SCOOP 2010 Event #3 is in the books! Many dreams came true, and others got shattered, in what was an awesome display of tournament magnificence. As we know, each SCOOP event is broken down into 3 tourneys, with each one catering to a different audience in terms of buy-in. Today’s events had the

Nuke trail traced to M’sia, Pakistan, Libya

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department has found that a 3-D measuring tool, which was illegally exported by Mitutoyo Corp and discovered in Libya, was first sold to a Malaysian firm with close ties to a Pakistani scientist suspected of establishing an international black market for nuclear materials. The Kawasaki-based precision toolmaker is being investigated on suspicion

Stop rewinding, it’s time to press forward

Japan’s ambassador to China, Mr Koreshige Anami, said last Wednesday that Beijing opposed Tokyo’s bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, and that even if Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stopped visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, China would still not reverse its stance and support Japan.   I posed this question to someone

Political flattery reaches dizzying new heights

Flattery, it seems, has become the order of the day within the highest corridors of power. When in doubt, praise, flatter, curry favour, back-scratch and/or ingratiate. You can’t go wrong. And your success is guaranteed as well, and instantly, too. If any proof is needed, just re-read this news item that appeared over the Songkran

Attack Wins togel hongkong Event #6

The 2009 World Championship of Online Poker continued yesterday with event #6, a $100 + $9 no-limit Hold’em tournament with $1 million guaranteed.  The WCOOP continues to draw huge fields and destroy the guarantees and this tournament was no exception.  A total of 15,675 entrants paid the fee, bringing the total prize pool to $1,567,500, paying out 2,250 spots, and making this the largest field ever in togel hongkong history. Amazingly, despite so many players the action quickly eliminated a huge portion of the field.  Within 2 hours, the original 15,000 + entrants had been whittled down to less than 3,500 players.   Going into the final table, two players held a pretty sizable lead over the other 7 players.  Both vakAAttack and DonLeu had over 10 million in chips, while the next nearest player had just over 6.7 million.   At the final table, the action continued to be fast and furious as the 9th place player, Dwayno86, lasted just one orbit before being eliminated.  The all-ins didn’t slow down much from there, and when the dust settled, the final two players, vakAAttack and DHUSTLER15 went heads-up very close in chip counts.   The two battled for a couple of levels before the final hand.  It was a final hand that was about as sick as it gets to finish a

togel Singapore to Host Nordic $50,000 Freeroll

PokerStars is giving out $50,000 to Norwegian players at the end of this month. Obviously, players must compete for this money as it will not be simply given out. togel Singapore will be hosting an exclusive Nordic $50K Freeroll on October 30th. Luckily PokerStars has made qualifying for the freeroll extremely easy. Any Norwegian play that deposits a minimum of $10 by 23:59 ET on October 29th will qualify for the freeroll. Players reloading their existing PokerStars account should use the bonus code ’50K’ to have their account rewarded with a special ticket.   The freeroll will take place at 14:00 ET on Sunday, October 30th. Best of luck to all Norwegian players taking part in this awesome promotion!   PokerStars Set to Hit 70 Billion Hands in November   PokerStars has been on the Road to 100 Billion hands and they’ve been celebrating every 5 billion hands by giving their players extra cash. The time has come to begin counting down to hand 70 billion which should be played some time in November. There will be a total of $750,000 in cash prizes to potentially win. To participate in this promotion, players need only play at the cash game tables and hope to be dealt into a millionth hand starting at 69,700,000,000. Any player dealt into a millionth hand will receive

Double Down Strategy: Soft 14

    Blackjack basic strategy isn’t terribly complicated, but it can be a lot to remember if you are new to the game. Luckily, some parts of it are easier to remember than others. For instance, if you remember the doubling down strategy for a soft 13, which I wrote about earlier today, then the strategy for a soft 14 is easy. Do the same thing.   The strategy is the same for a soft 14 (ace, three) as it is for a soft 13. In both cases, if the dealer shows a five or six as an up card, you should double down. If the dealer shows anything else, you should take a hit. You should never stand on a soft 14 because there is no risk of busting by taking another card.   The reason you want to double when the dealer shows a five or six is that the dealer has a good chance of having a 15 or 16 in that case, taking into account the fact that there are more cards with a value of ten than any other value. Hands of 15 and 16 just so happen to be the two worst hands in togel hongkong , because they are likely to bust but not high enough for the dealer to stand.   How likely

Intercasino Review

Introduction to InterCasino: Intercasino is an independent casino which is run by The Intercasino group. It was the first company to bring gambling online and set up the first online casino way back in 1996. Since then it has not looked back and has had over 2 million customers walk through its doors over the years. They are an award winning casino having won industry awards from 2003 to 2007 for the best online casino by Gambling Online. They are regulated by the Gambling Association of Malta and are strictly regulated in terms of their payouts and winning ratios. The payout ratio is 95-98% over all their games. Over the years they have been well known for offering a fair environment for playing, and also offer some of the best promotions in the UK and Europe. InterCasino Games: There are well over 300 different games to play at Intercasino. All of the games can be downloaded, or played on the browser. You can trial out 4 of their games to see that they offer high quality gaming from card games, table games, slots and much much more. The best games to play in terms of entertainment are the Marvel slot games. The payout ratios for games can be broken down to roulette – 96.33%, blackjack – 98.49% and an overall average


Blackjack strategy: playing the dealer

Today I read a blackjack “tip” from a supposed gambling expert. That expert said that you should “aim to get closer to 21, not to beat the dealer.” I was shocked, since this is exactly the opposite of what I advise. In the game of blackjack, the goal is not to get as close as you can to 21, though that is sometimes what people say. The goal is to beat the dealer. Whether you beat the dealer with a hand of 20 or a hand of 4, you get the same reward. Sure, most of the time you want to get close to 21 because the dealer is going to hit until he gets to 17 or better. However, people who follow a strategy of trying to get close to 21 often play too aggressively and hit when they should stand. Playing to get closer to 21 ignores the chance of the dealer busting. If the dealer busts, you win with any hand, as long as you don’t bust as well. For example, if you have a hand of 12, that’s not very close to 21. Therefore, people following a “get as close to 21 as possible” strategy would take a hit regardless of the dealer’s hand. However, if the dealer has a hand of 4, 5 or 6, blackjack

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먹튀검증사이트SCOOP 2010 Event 3 Results

The PokerStars SCOOP 2010 Event #3 is in the books! Many dreams came true, and others got shattered, in what was an awesome display of tournament magnificence. As we know, each SCOOP event is broken down into 3 tourneys, with each one catering to a different audience in terms of