5 Great Ways To Make Your Judi Online Bluffs Work More Often

  Whether you play Judi Online, tournament or cash formats, for fun or for thousands of dollars – bluffing is a vitally important part of a balanced strategy. Look at it this way, if you never bluff, then it will be obvious to your opponents that a bet means you have a strong hand. If

Nuke trail traced to M’sia, Pakistan, Libya

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department has found that a 3-D measuring tool, which was illegally exported by Mitutoyo Corp and discovered in Libya, was first sold to a Malaysian firm with close ties to a Pakistani scientist suspected of establishing an international black market for nuclear materials. The Kawasaki-based precision toolmaker is being investigated on suspicion

Stop rewinding, it’s time to press forward

Japan’s ambassador to China, Mr Koreshige Anami, said last Wednesday that Beijing opposed Tokyo’s bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, and that even if Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stopped visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, China would still not reverse its stance and support Japan.   I posed this question to someone

Political flattery reaches dizzying new heights

Flattery, it seems, has become the order of the day within the highest corridors of power. When in doubt, praise, flatter, curry favour, back-scratch and/or ingratiate. You can’t go wrong. And your success is guaranteed as well, and instantly, too. If any proof is needed, just re-read this news item that appeared over the Songkran

Million Dollar Giveaway by Noble situs judi online

  One of the Big time situs judi online bonuses to hit the  market is that being given by Noble Poker. It is giving away a million dollar at www.NobleMillion.com. Noble Poker has just been bought over by Empire Poker and has risen far above its competitors. This site will predictably go far for it has the most up to date, state of the art graphics, apart from the fantastic bonus being given away here. As per the bonus being offered, any player who wins 7 consecutive sit n go tournaments will win $1,000,000 over and above the normal prize pool. Affiliate online poker managers are of the opinion that this is one of the easiest sites to promote as there are a record number of players visiting it. After its buy-out by Empire, Noble Poker plans to offer its players bigger incentives in the form of more free roll tournaments. Today, many online poker rooms are feeling the threat from the ever-increasing free roll market as well as from the mac compatible market. Press.arrivenet.com reports: These online poker rooms will face large competition in the future with expanding bonuses and pressures to increase their bonus. As of right now Noble Poker offers the biggest incentives in the online poker world but there will always be more to come. Finally A

Foxwoods Judi Online Classics – the $10,000 Championship Now A Part of WPT

The New England Judi Online Classic has been renamed the Foxwoods Poker Classic, this year. It will have a presence in the World Poker Tour. The Travel Channel will air the finals of this event. The prize sum of this Championship is $10,000. There were 8 preliminary events in last years New England Poker Classic. Now that the Foxwoods Poker Classic will be introduced in the WPT Schedule, the field for the championship becomes larger than ever before. The Foxwoods championship is the final event before the WPT Championship at Bellagio, in April. Not an event to be missed. Stay tuned in and for all the results of the preliminary rounds – check out the pokerpages. Pokerpages.com reports: This year’s schedule also features 8 preliminary events, but the Omaha and 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo events are gone in favor of a Ladies Only NLHE event and a $3,000 NLHE event.  And of course the final event is a $10,000 buy-in event. Texas Hold’Em Poker DS For the Handheld Nintendo Majesco’s duo fo casino games for the Nintendo handheld includes Golden Nugget Casino DS and now Texas Hold’Em Poker DS. The new Texas Hold’Em too has a minimalistic game design, catering to the lower end market. ds.ign.com reports: Apart from offering a solid bout of poker on a variety of different rule-sets, this


I continued my experiment with MTS last night at the North Sydney Club APL event. I have to say; Sydney ALP players are generally much better than the ones I have seen in Perth. Sydney players are capable of folding A 10, A J or even medium Casino Malaysia if they think they are second best. Yet to see even Ace rag folded to anything in Perth. The MTS continues to work really well in the early tournament stages; that is the first three levels when blinds are at 25/50, 50/100 and 75/150. I limped into six multi-way pots, folded three at minimal cost. I let the second best hand(s) bet into me to the river on the other three and moved my chip stack up to a healthy 5,500 by halfway through level 3. Then with A 10, for no reason I can think of, I called an aggressive bettor to the river. Well, they were suited, just a different suit to any of the cards on the board. On the turn the board was something like 9 K 7 Q. I think I figured the initial pre-flop raise was a bluff, and the post flop bet was a continuation bet, but I can’t imagine why I called rather than raised representing say, a paired king. I called his bet

3 Places to add to your bucket list

What’s on your bucket list? If you’re having trouble filling out your list, here are three must-see destinations from different regions around the world. Borobudur, Indonesia Tucked away in the remote jungle of Central Java, the ruins of Borobudur extend up the verdant hillside and overlook the smoking top of the volcano Mt. Merapi. Built in the 9th century as a Buddhist temple, the site consists of several Buddha statues hidden underneath latticed domes of stonework. If you climb to the top of the structure, be sure to turn around and admire the view of the treetops and the volcano. If you go at sunrise, the way the light hits the Buddha statues is truly spectacular. A visit to Borobudur can also be combined with a trip to see the nearby Hindu temple Prambanan, which was built during the same period. If you go at night you can see scenes of the Ramayana performed, with the dancers in full traditional costume. You can also climb nearby Mt. Merapi, or visit cultural centre and semi-autonomous sultanate Yogyakarta, just a few hours to the south. Iquitos, Peru Looking for a completely different type of outdoor adventure? Then look no further than Iquitos, the port city on the Amazon River and the gateway to Peru’s rainforest. Here you can explore the floating market, visit

Mistakes indo slot 88

  Man, I made a huge mistake signing up for the 45 SNG challenge! It’s not so much that I suck at them (I must), but there is simply no pushing anyone off their hand. First hand of indo slot 88 tourney, what turned out to be an uber-maniac raises 8X from UTG, gets called, then pushes on an AKT rainbow flop. He has A9. Caller has A8. Yeah, so it’s impossible to put people on hands. Just wait for a good hand and push and hope it olds up. It was nice when my short-stack tripled up with AA. Not so nice when I pushed from the button with 77 and the SB woke up with QQ. Doh! Add to this that I have to win for my hourly rate to approach my hourly rate for SNGs and I’m left to wonder what I was smoking when I signed up. Oh yeah, I need the MTT practice. Maybe I should stay away from the turboes and actually get some practice that will serve me well in the bigger MTTs —— After busting out, I toodled over to a 210+15 turbo where I didn’t recognize anyone. I’m learning, that’s a good thing. I won a $105+9 earlier this evening that gave me enough to take this shot. I felt good about my

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5 Great Ways To Make Your Judi Online Bluffs Work More Often

  Whether you play Judi Online, tournament or cash formats, for fun or for thousands of dollars – bluffing is a vitally important part of a balanced strategy. Look at it this way, if you never bluff, then it will be obvious to your opponents that a bet means you