Final Table, $3 Turbo slot onlain


It’s been a while since I played a slot onlain tourney, and those were the donkament. Something like 2 years since I played a non-blogger rebuy.

And it was a turbo, to boot. Yes, lots of sick play going on. Game selection, game selection.

I did the initial rebuy and the add-on, so I was into the game for $9. I don’t know what people are thinking in these things, over 25% of the field was out before the rebuy period was over.

It’s a REBUY. Not the place to go with your last $3. What other excuse is there for not sticking through the rebuy period?

Anyway, I bounced out in 5th for a profit of something like $128 for two and half hours. With an M below 5 most of the night, I wound up going out when I pushed 6-6 UTG into AA and couldn’t manage to spike the 2-outer.

Being Jack Casey

So, I guess I have something to share.

A couple years ago I spent far too much time writing about a layoff and my frustration finding employment. I stopped because even I got tired of reading that crap. The low point was when I had to give away my dog.

But, slowly but surely, I’m rebuilding my career. I’ve worked jobs that grown men would giggle about behind my back, but I’m proud to have taken and done well with each of those opportunities. Now, my career will take me to another new city, this time in a new state.

Goin’ to Huntsvegas, AL.

Still not all the way back to where I was a few years ago. But, I’m grinding my way through it with a lot of hard work and discipline and I’m seeing the results. I’m back in the industry that chewed me up and spit me out, in a job I’ve only done tangentially in the past, working for a couple guys that once fired me, and looking forward to the challenge.

Monsters, monsters everywhere

So frustrating. Played the Mookie last night, made it 90 minutes or so, and busted calling off all my chips with AK vs. KK. It was right to make the call at that point, my M was down below 5, but I had the same situation Tuesday night in the $3 rebuy after being in awesome shape for more than 2 hours.

Just a bad run, nobody is really hitting longshots on me but I’m running good hands into better hands. That’s the way it goes sometimes, hopefully it turns around soon.

It’s been a brutal weekend. Every weekend is brutal, it seems – there are only ever two kinds of tables, those populated with donkeys playing any two cards and flopping the 8 and the 3 they needed to make their two pair and those populated with 9 people all playing the same super-tight game where you have at least 7 left by the eighth or ninth level.

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