New Blackjack Bonuses


I found a couple of new blackjack bonuses that I would like to share with you. I think that these two are actually worth playing if you are a fan of online blackjack gambling!

I would like to thank for allowing me to share these exclusive blackjack bonuses with you today. Both bonuses are 200% Non Cashable blackjack bonuses that are offered at Club Player and Prism Casino. The best part is that you are allowed to take advantage of both of these bonuses offered without any problems.

In order to receive the 200% blackjack bonus, you must download and install the software for one or both of these casinos. You will be required to create a username to log into the casino lobby. From there, you will need to click on the Cashier button.

In the casino cashier, you will need to click on the Redeem Coupon tab. Before you make a deposit, you will need to enter the Coupon Code for the bonus:

1) To receive the 200% blackjack bonus at Club dominoqq Player Casino: enter code 200BLACKJACKC

-> Download Club Player Casino

200-percent-blackjack-bonus         prism-casino-blackjack-bonus

2) To receive the 200% blackjack bonus at Prism Casino: enter code 200BLACKJACKP

-> Download Prism Casino

3) Once you have entered the bonus code, make a deposit of $30 or more. The maximum bonus is limited to the amount you can deposit using a particular method.

You will receive 3 times the chips that you deposited to start with. This acts as your bankroll.

Bonus Rules

The rules for this blackjack bonus is as follows:

1) Only Blackjack is allowed with these two bonuses. Don’t play any other casino games before you complete the wagering requirements!

2) There is a 50x wagering requirement that must be completed before you can make a request to withdraw. If you deposit $100, the wagering requirement is ($100 + $200) x 50 or $15,000. If you deposit $500, the wagering requirement is ($500 + $1000) x 50 or $75,000. You can view how much is left on your wagering requirement in the Casino Cashier.

3) There is a 10x max cashout with these two bonuses. That means if you deposit $100, you will be able to win $1000. If you deposit $500, you will be able to win $5000 with one of these bonuses.

How to Use this Bonus

These are a Non Cashable bonuses. That means that once you have finished the wagering requirements and cash out, the bonus money goes back to $0.

With that in mind, the object is to treat the 200% bonus as your bankroll. The amount the you should play per hand totally depends on the amount that you deposit, so I am going to give you several quick examples:

1) Deposit $100 or less. You are going to want to be playing hands the table minimum of $5 per hand to start out. You will only have $300 to start with. Here is what I see happen most often in this scenario: you start off betting $5 per hand and go back and forth until you have half of that total left. Then you bump up the bet to try and compensate and bust out.

Don’t try to “make up” for losses. Only play one hand at a time (they offer the option to bet two hands). Slow and steady has a better chance of finishing the race. Even if you are rewarded with a win, you are more likely to do it in the future and bust out.

2) Deposit $200 to $400. You have some more comfort room now to begin to open things up. Playing the minimum until your ahead isn’t the way to win in blackjack. Your current streak should dictate how much you are betting. The minimum bet should be at least $10.

If you play for long enough, you will see that there are hot streaks for you and hot streaks for the dealer. There are also cold streaks for you and cold streaks for the dealer. The trick is to tread water until you get matched up with a hot streak and the dealer begins busting out more than usual.

You must be sure to double down in the correct situations to maximize the winnings when the odds are in your favor. The biggest problem players have is pulling the trigger when they put a bigger bet on the table.

Remember to take a look at the blackjack probability page. The dealer has about a 30% chance of busting on any given hand. A lot of the time the software seems to be programmed to meet that goal over the long haul. That means you will see steaks both ways (when there are too many or too few wins for the dealer).

3) Deposit $500 or more. You now have enough money that you should open up your game. You will start with at least $1500 to play with. Instead of relying on runs, you should now engage in using one of the following betting systems.

The table maximum is $250. Keep that in mind while you are betting your units. With that much money, you are going to need to bet a lot unless you want the wagering requirement to take forever. The minimum bet that I would suggest is $30. The largest I would make 1 unit is $50, unless you deposited $1000 or more.

However much you deposit, you are looking at between 10 hours and 30 hours or so of playing blackjack. This entirely depends on the way that you play. Some players that get on a roll can eat up the wagering requirement in large chunks if they get close to betting the table limit of $250. Playing this way isn’t for the faint of heart, but the players that win a lot of money do so by winning big on key hands.



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