Sunday, May 19, 2024

togel Singapore to Host Nordic $50,000 Freeroll


PokerStars is giving out $50,000 to Norwegian players at the end of this month. Obviously, players must compete for this money as it will not be simply given out.

togel Singapore will be hosting an exclusive Nordic $50K Freeroll on October 30th. Luckily PokerStars has made qualifying for the freeroll extremely easy. Any Norwegian play that deposits a minimum of $10 by 23:59 ET on October 29th will qualify for the freeroll. Players reloading their existing PokerStars account should use the bonus code ’50K’ to have their account rewarded with a special ticket.


The freeroll will take place at 14:00 ET on Sunday, October 30th. Best of luck to all Norwegian players taking part in this awesome promotion!


PokerStars Set to Hit 70 Billion Hands in November


PokerStars has been on the Road to 100 Billion hands and they’ve been celebrating every 5 billion hands by giving their players extra cash. The time has come to begin counting down to hand 70 billion which should be played some time in November.

There will be a total of $750,000 in cash prizes to potentially win. To participate in this promotion, players need only play at the cash game tables and hope to be dealt into a millionth hand starting at 69,700,000,000. Any player dealt into a millionth hand will receive a cash prize with the winner of the hand potentially winning thousands of dollars. The winner of the 70 billionth hand will receive a base prize of $70,000!


Players dealt into any milestone hand (besides the 70 Billionth Hand Mega Milestone) will win a base prize of $50. On top of this base prize, they will win $50 for every VIP Player Point, or VPP, they’ve earned in the past 50 hands played at that table. The winner of the milestone hand will have their prize doubled!


A similar calculation is used for the 70 Billion Milestone Hand. Any player dealt into the 70 billionth hand will win a base prize of $500 and will win $500 for every VPP earned in the past 50 hands on that table. The winner of the hand will win double PLUS an extra $70 grand! That’s a formula that may result in more than $100 thousand!


Some tips for this promotion include:

  • Making sure to play long sessions will ensure the maximum number of VPPs earned within the past 50 hands.
  • Playing more tables will increase your chances of being at a milestone table.
  • Games such as Limit Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha generate larger pots which, in turn, generate more VPPs. These tables will receive huge cash prizes if the milestone hand hits there.
  • Don’t jump tables too much since only the VPPs played at the winning table will be multiplied by the cash multiplier.


Good luck to all players taking part in this great promotion!






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