Saturday, July 13, 2024

Version 4.3 recap sanghoki



It’s been a few weeks since our biggest update so far was released, and version 4.3 has been a huge success so far. I’ve had a browse over how far some of our features have progressed, and it’s pretty impressive to say the least.

The bad beat Jackpot has more than tripled since it began, and the standard law of physics implies that the higher the sanghoki , the more players sit down to win big! From there, it will keep growing and growing, until someone walks away with (hopefully) tens, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Trust me when I say you’ll want to be there when the jackpot goes off, because everyone at the table receives a tasty piece.

The Bounty tournaments have been attracting lots of action, particularly because of our current Bounty Graveyard event. The chance to win cash for eliminating players is pretty darn tempting, and today I honor both Rafael19 and huntingfool38, who steamrollered the field in the first week. So far through the second week, both Shyzza and stuck333 have easily proven their skills, consistently placing first and second.

Deal it Twice is new … very new. I’ve only previously seen this technique employed on High Stakes Poker, and for this reason some players may be a bit apprehensive to give it a shot. However, I noticed we have at least three full Deal it Twice tables running, so that sure showed me. Our highest limit players all comment that it really is a feature employed by the best professional players, so it’s definitely a concept to read up on if you haven’t already!

Weekly Bounty Graveyard winners!

We’re now one week into the Bounty Graveyard schedule, so we can now announce the winners for the weekly leaderboard, with the top ten players receiving a portion of the $1000 prize pool!

Rafael19 has been tearing it up all week, and takes the top prize of $300! We’ve had a whole bunch of consistent winners, but best of all, your chances to win extra cash have not diminished. We are still running daily leaderboard prizes, and the weekly leaderboard has started right now, so get out there and play in some Bounty games!

Cruising in Atlantic City

One of our players FrizzB just had an excellent experience in Atlantic City, playing in three events! After battling through Logan Airport, a midnight Greyhound ride and an extremely uncomfortable layover in a New York City bus station, he arrived at the casino and managed to get a good rest before the next day’s action.

Here’s a quick rundown of FrizzB’s tournament experience!

Event #3 03/06/08 $ 500 + $60 = $ 560

First up was Event 3, where FrizzB won the very first hand of play with pocket Kings. Things were looking good, but unfortunately FrizzB was knocked out of the tournament in the very first level.

With pocket Tens, the flop came K J 3, and FrizzB bet out, where one other player called. The turn was a 5, and another bet came, and was called. The river was a seemingly golden Ten, giving FrizzB a set, but the other player shoved all in and he couldn’t get away. Turns out the opponent hit the draw holding AQ for a straight, and FrizzB was eliminated.



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