Million Dollar Giveaway by Noble situs judi online


One of the Big time situs judi online bonuses to hit theĀ  market is that being given by Noble Poker. It is giving away a million dollar at Noble Poker has just been bought over by Empire Poker and has risen far above its competitors. This site will predictably go far for it has the most up to date, state of the art graphics, apart from the fantastic bonus being given away here. As per the bonus being offered, any player who wins 7 consecutive sit n go tournaments will win $1,000,000 over and above the normal prize pool. Affiliate online poker managers are of the opinion that this is one of the easiest sites to promote as there are a record number of players visiting it. After its buy-out by Empire, Noble Poker plans to offer its players bigger incentives in the form of more free roll tournaments. Today, many online poker rooms are feeling the threat from the ever-increasing free roll market as well as from the mac compatible market. reports:

These online poker rooms will face large competition in the future with expanding bonuses and pressures to increase their bonus. As of right now Noble Poker offers the biggest incentives in the online poker world but there will always be more to come.

Finally A Site That Targets the Beginners in Poker introduced a poker community that focuses on beginners. It is a professional looking site with an easy-to-use interface and promises a great experience to the new entrant. The primary focus of this site is on low limit tables and on entries that are reasonable, some being as low as 6 cents. Using this strategy, AcrossTheFelt has made inroads into the market, mainly targetting beginner-level players. Founder and CEO, Chris Sokoloski said that his focus was to create a favourable environment for the players and once this was done, all other parameters would simply fall into place. has been ranked first by, naming it as the place where one can find the easiest players to challenge. One can minimize losses while actually trying to learn how to play, on this site. The aim of is to encourage more beginners to join in and play with familiar faces and at the same time provide enjoyment and recreation; all at a reasonable and affordable price. reprorts:

Whispers about the tournament at have created quite the buzz on popular poker discussion groups. The “Multi-stage” tournaments at create a format that allows a $12 entry to win a WPT entry ($14,000 in value) by only elimination 22 players.

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